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How CTV Empowers Brands That Are Out of Reach for Conventional TV

In 2021, there are more smart connected TVs in households. Of course, traditional TVs still exist but they don’t empower brands like connected CTVs. As of now, more than 70% of households stream content through connected TVs.

In addition, millennials and Gen Z also gravitate more towards smart CTV devices than conventional TVs. In fact, more than 85% of the younger generation prefers to watch their favorite shows and programs on a smart connected TV.

Personalized Marketing Strategies

The truth is that connected TV allows brands to heighten their marketing strategies and render much better results than conventional TV. Smart CTVs have also created new opportunities for marketers to engage with the target audience. Unlike traditional TV ads, marketing campaigns on CTV have the potential to go mainstream and even create a discourse.

Actionable Measurement

It is one thing to track how your money is being spent and another to measure and predict your ROI. Brands can now use a multi-screen characteristic approach to show more information about their products or services and create a seamless customer journey. Ultimately, connected TVs help brands create an interconnected funnel and centralize marketing campaigns.

Precision Targeting

CTV comes with molecular targeting that makes it possible for advertisers to spend the right amount for the right target audience. For starters, advertisers can dive into hundreds of key metrics like family status, wealth, interests, age, and gender.

More Engagement and Interaction

Moreover, the interaction and engagement level on CTV devices is much immersive. It renders a long and lasting mental commitment that prompts a particular demographic to make various purchase decisions. Brands also understand that connected TV supports extension advertising that is more affordable than linear TV.

Final Thoughts

There are more opportunities and empowerment attached to the CTV as opposed to linear TV. Furthermore, CTV is more robust to understand the behaviors and preferences of a specific demographic.

CTV serves as one of a kind chance for brands to make a creative impact and influence the purchase decisions of their target audience. It has become a perfect mechanism for brands to achieve more engagement and reach out to more potential customers. The evolution of CTV into the digital age is a gift that marketers have embraced.


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