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Best 25 LG Smart TV Apps 2021

If you have purchased an LG Smart TV, you can now have the ultimate content boost through a variety of apps. It’s 2021 and video content has never been versatile, unique, and affordable than right now. LG smart TVs come with dedication WebOS, which is different than Android TV. In a span of few years, LG smart TVs have managed to compete with the best.

Why People are Ditching their Cable Boxes and Buying LG Smart TV

The traditional approach to consume content through cable boxes has become redundant. In the digital age, people want to watch their best shows and movies through streaming services. Unlike others, LG smart TVs are more affordable that has opened the door for many people to try their apps.

When it comes to LG live smart TV apps, YouTube TV, Hulu TV, and Sling TV are the most famous. For instance, YouTube TV on LG Smart TV comes with more than 85 channels and additional premium bundle choices.

Best of the Best LG Smart TV Apps

With Netflix, you can now catch up on the newest Hollywood hits, independent films, family-friendly movies, top TV shows, and original Netflix series.

Similarly, you can use Amazon Video to watch classic favorites in 4K and subscribe to the newest TV seasons. For the most part, people love to turn their LG smart TV into a YouTube hub. It makes watching viral videos and vlogs a more inclusive experience.

When it comes to LG smart TV apps, the selection is diverse, exclusive, and selective. So, focus on the best 25 smart TV apps via the LG content store:

The top-of-the-line streaming service has never been better. Get the app to watch your favorite movies and TV shows on LG smart TV app.

2. Hulu

Get access to one of the biggest streaming libraries from a single app and view exclusive content and original TV shows and movies.

YouTube premier TV platform is more navigational and intuitive in the new app. It allows viewers a more intuitive video content consumption experience on LG smart TV.

Whether you want to spark your childhood nostalgia or consume Star Wars content, the Disney+ LG smart TV app has got it all.

Stream the most exclusive and prime content on one of the best streaming service apps available on LG smart TV.

The one-of-a-kind app-based service now allows you to stream on-demand content on TV through the internet connection.

Enjoy the live and original news coverage of sports, tech landscape, sports, lifestyle, entertainment, and much more on the Pluto TV app.

Peacock app continues to prove there is no such thing as “too much” content. Stream a wide range of TV shows, movies, live sports, WWE entertainment, news channels, and much more.

Paramount has always been home to some of the best stars in the world and now it allows users to experience blockbusters, brand new shows, and original content in a single app.

In terms of interconnectivity, it is hard to beat the new Apple TV that revolves around the Apple ecosystem. You can catch up on your favorite shows and films on your LG smart TV app.

11. Redbox

Viewers can use the Redbox app on their LG smart TV to watch hundreds of movies & TV shows free with ads. Also, enjoy countless hours of entertainment with a variety of stand-up comedy specials, documentaries and more. No sign in required.

Listen to the most favorite and curious podcasts and songs on the new Spotify app through LG smart TV for free.

A streaming service with a great real-life entertainment from your favorite TV brands - including HGTV, Food Network, TLC, ID, Animal Planet and personalities.

14. Pandora

Feel free to personalize your unique music taste and focus on specific genres, songs, and artists on the Pandora app via LG smart TV.

15. Vudu

The new app allows you to get access to TV shows and films in 4K UHD. You can either browse and watch a free collection of films or rent new titles.

16. Plex

Viewers can now use the Plex app on their LG smart TV to stream media server content and experience impressive visual content.

Enjoy your favorite dedicated sports content and check lie coverage of news and stream award-winning films on the Fubo TV app.

Crackle LG smart TV app now allows you to stream the latest Hollywood films and original TV shows for free.

You can stream the CBS News to check 24/7 news and broadminded discussions right on your LG smart TV app.

FandangoNOW app now offers the crisp 4K high-quality prints of most-streamed content.

BINGE TV has all of your viewing favorites, from full-feature Indie Films, fitness, fashion, news, cooking and more. For anything you are in the mood to watch, you are in the right place with BINGE.

Zoomi educational app allows you to have the best time with kids through intuitive movies, fun videos, and TV shows.

If you want to stream ad-free jaw-dropping anime content, then Funimation is the app you want to install on your LG smart TV.

Improve children's creativity with animated artistic easy drawings. The videos help kids and toddlers to learn how to draw basic figures, animals, shapes in enjoyable "magical" ways!

25. Alexa

Download the Alexa app on your LG TV to play music, control your smart home, and get information, news, weather and more using just your voice.

Wrap Up

It would be fair to state that Smart LG TVs will continue to be popular in the market in the foreseeable future. Although it depends on your region, most smart apps on the LG content store are impressive. Users can, of course, change the region from their LG Smart TV settings. With a different region, you can access and use more regional-specific apps.


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