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We are the creators platform

Join myCaster’s across the world by enhancing your brand and establishing your craft in the future of CTV. myCaster’s drive creativity through their content to entertain and inspire their audience

The Benefits of Being a myCaster

myCast is a technology leader empowering brands to become an innovative player in connected TV. We are the creator's platform


Simplicity of Tapping into the CTV Universe

Bringing your content to the future of CTV though myCast's simplified development and distribution expertise that enhance your CTV app and get front of the right audience to estabilish your brand in CTV


Bringing a seamless transition to the myCast platform which focuses on getting your content in front of the right audience

Maximize Revenue Potential

With CTV on the rise, content producers don't realize the untapped potential their brand has with maximizing their revenue until working with myCast

One Stop Shop

myCast is the place to create branded apps, aggregated apps and provide access to 3rd party apps to maximize your audience and revenue through our advanced services

Easy & Quick Onboarding for Content Owners

Content Distribution.png

Content Distribution

Creating an easier and more effective way to increase audience engagement

Monetization Solution.png

Monetization Solution

​Easy & quick onboarding for content owners that brings simplicity to monetization

Audience Engagement.png

Audience Engagement

Complete access to user data through content management to enhance engagement

CTV Application.png

CTV Application

End to end app development that builds a personalized platform for your content for CTV

As CTV continues to evolve, the industry struggles with capitalizing on a few core concepts that could enhance content producers positioning.

Solving Every Client Challenges in CTV


Every aspect of the myCast structure is built to support content owners, from monetization to app development and precision distribution, it is a true One Stop Shop in CTV.

Putting the power of CTV in the hands of myCasters

myCast Capabilities

One Stop Shop

Simplifying issues for content owners to allow an efficient approach to content creating and distributing in connected TV. We are providing a One Stop Shop in the connected TV industry that enhances a content owners brand


One dashboard for all streaming platforms that allows mycaster’s the ability to control all aspects of their work.



One CMS to control all platforms from one place. Offering mycaster’s a way of CMS with the ability to CREATE different content, streaming and live channels.



One place to collect and learn about your audience while also reaching new channels of engagement in connected TV to build your brand.



One place to collect and manage your monetization with access to all the analytics. You are able to view everything under your myCaster dashboard.



Our expertise lies in creating, distributing, and monetizing a wide range of FAST channels across various streaming platforms, providing viewers with a premium, cost-free entertainment experience.



How myCast Expands Your Brand throughout CTV

myCast brings simplicity to distribution through branded apps to get your content in front of the right audience

CTV app

CTV Application Development

Your own branded

CTV App!

myCast’s technology supports all the major operating system and will allow you to build, publish and monetize your own app in minimum time and without setup costs

myCast CTV Channels

myCast Partners